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We are in motion , we craft training . We think on the lines to not to be on the sides only. We do understand that the foundations are essential, and so the advancements, also we believe in perfection. We craft training so that kids have strong foundations as well as constant progress towards advance levels and whatever level they achieve they achieve with perfection.

We study the game of the players and based on it, we provide them crafted feedback, training and practice sessions.



We are committed to invest ourself in making best of the athletes under our roofs, we are constantly evolving towards this goal.



Team, technology and training are 3 point strategy towards our goals, we will continue our endeavor and exponentially evolve.

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Professional coaching

Here at TTC we ensure your children receive their learning only from the worthy. We employ coaches with minimum ICC level 1 certification to ensure expertise. The players at TTC become the best they can be.

Limited players, per net per coach with personal attention

We take care that each player is provided with undivided attention to accelerate personal growth. We maintain a limited number of players per net (4-10 players) so they can be supervised constantly. TTC focuses on the quality of our players and not the quantity.

Specialized one-on-one Coaching

We believe a strong interpersonal relationship between the mentor and the protégé is the key to success. We provide one-on-one coaching so that the coach can acquire a better understanding of the players and direct the training to achieve specific goals. At TTC we understand the diversity of the players and make the best of it.

Turf and Matting Pitches with Safe Nets

We provide a world class experience of professional cricket with turf and matting pitches. We believe that modern infrastructure should be made available at the junior level. Playing on matting creates much better players because that extra bounce encourages batsmen to play shots square of the wicket and produce more gutsy players.

Video analysis

Through video analysis players can gain a competitive edge, correct faults and maximize their strengths. It helps the coaches to carefully analyse and provide helpful feedback from live action and training exercises.

Fitness Programmes

We design drills and exercises with proven results in our fitness programmes that help the body to adapt quickly to sudden movements in the sport and reduce the chances of bodily damage. A successful player needs good balance and core strength, speed for running and scoring runs.

365 days Coaching

We believe that cricket isn’t just a game it’s a religion that requires ardent devotion. We provide 365 days relentless coaching to make the best out of our players.

Participate in domestic and international tournaments

Certain exposure is mandatory for a cricketer to self analyse his game. Playing in diverse territories gives an exact estimation of the viability of the players. Keeping this in mind we encourage regular tournaments wherein students get a simulated feel of the competition as a cricketer experiences.

Get trained by guest coaches from across the world

A new coach always has something new to teach, experiences to share and stories to tell. We expose our players to a variety of coaches from different cricketing domains across the world. It exposes the players to real-world life experiences from the position of someone who has actually been there. Players get to see the insight and perspective of the guest coach’s particular field.

Transportation facility available

We provide transportation facilities to the players to make the events easily accessible without causing any grimace to the guardians.

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